ACHS Admissions Webinars

ACHS Admissions Webinars

Scouting for Scholarships (April 2014)

Have you ever wondered how you'll find scholarships to help fund your holistic health education? Wherever you are on your path, start out on the right foot with ACHS Senior Admissions Advisor Amanda Heller's tips for tracking down top scholarship dollars. 

In this FREE Info Session webinar from ACHS, you will learn: 

  • Advice on creating a professional image
  • Where to look for scholarships
  • Who and how to ask for letters of recommendation and references
  • Many more tips on how to find scholarships to help fund your education!



Solving Graduate Admission Pain Points (January 2014)

The graduate admissions process can feel a little harrowing. What is an Intake Assessment? Who do I ask for letters of recommendation? What is a Distance Learners Risk Profile Assessment? Never fear! Admissions guru Amanda Heller is here to steer you in the right direction. Start the journey toward your graduate degree and register today!