Course Materials

Course Materials

Textbooks and required materials (course packs) average $300 per 3-credit undergraduate course and $330 per 3-credit graduate course. Materials and Textbook prices vary widely depending on the course. Many modality courses require materials for lab work. For example, students are required to purchase herb samples for their learning in herbal courses and essential oils for aromatherapy courses. These kits are included in the required materials fee and are not optional. Students are required to use ACHS lab kits to ensure safety when preparing and using formulas. Required materials include:

  • Online Materials, Library and Resources Fee
  • All lab kits including herb and essential oil kits
  • ACHS e-textbook (when applicable)

Materials fees change frequently due to fluctuating market costs. Estimated fees for course materials and textbooks are available online at under each course description.


ACHS uses both Commercial Textbooks and ACHS Textbooks (Textbooks published by the institution), depending on the course. ACHS Textbooks are available as a printed textbook and as an e-textbook. All students will receive the required e-textbook which consists of required reading for the course; students may not opt out of the ACHS e-textbook.

ACHS uses both Commercial Textbooks and ACHS Textbooks (Textbooks published by the institution), depending on the course. The Total Course Price for 2013 includes tuition materials including textbooks, and domestic shipping. The Total Course Price includes the “green option” of the ACHS e-textbook; a printed copy of the ACHS Textbook is available for a printing charge. ACHS e-textbooks are full color interactive textbooks that can be viewed online and downloaded in PDF version and are fully searchable.

See each course description under Academics for an itemized description of course materials. Each course description includes the name and ISBN of all commercially published textbooks. This listing also includes information about ebooks and mobile-ready textbook alternatives that may be available from the publisher. If you already have any of these texts, please let your admissions advisor or student services know so that duplicates are not shipped to you. Pricing for publisher textbooks in each course description are for new, unused textbooks.

Students may also elect to purchase their own publisher textbooks including opportunities to purchase used textbooks and take advantage of textbook rental services. Students buying their own textbooks must ensure they have the correct edition for the current semester. 

Following are resources students are encouraged to pursue for publisher textbooks:

  • Purchasing used textbooks available from a number of resellers. Students should be careful to ensure the quality of the used textbooks and consider that used textbooks may be written in or highlighted. Resellers can usually provide more information about the quality of the text upon request. 

Online Materials, Library and Resources Fee

Each course materials fee includes a fee (currently $33 per credit) for online materials resources and library. This fee includes:

  • An extensive virtual library to assist you with research including access to two subscription-only research database libraries and to many full text resources. Graduate students and students in select undergraduate courses also have access to the online and on-campus library of Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) and to the Library and Information Resources Network (LIRN).
  • Online video and audio resources.
  • Online Social Network to enable you to interact with your peers and join study groups.
  • Career center including employment bulletin board.
  • ACHS Reporter newsletter.