CAP 501

Masters Capstone Project
Holistic Medicine

Completion of ACHS MS degree programs culminates with a 3-credit capstone project designed to demonstrate subject mastery, such as a research thesis, solution of a practical professional problem, or an individual or small-group analysis of a problem or challenge in the CAM industry and offering alternative solutions. This will be supervised by an advisor.

Upon successful completion of this course, each student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an in-depth, advanced knowledge base that maximizes the innovative use of information that reflects the current theories, best practices, and research in preparation for application or further research in the prevention and wellness industry
  • Develop a solid knowledge base of CAM modalities and be able to apply that knowledge by informing and assisting practitioners and consumers of CAM products and protocols.
  • Evaluate and generate best practices for CAM evidence-based healing methods
  • Evaluate and provide guidance on the potential for herb-herb and herb-drug interactions
  • Locate, analyze and evaluate, and make effective use of CAM research from the scientific literature and provide guidance for practitioners, policy makers, academic researchers, and industry leaders and manufacturers
  • Assist with designing and planning appropriate clinical studies elucidating the underlying mechanisms of action of CAM therapies, facilitating their integration into conventional medical care, and stimulating professionalism, integrity, and social responsibilities in the prevention and wellness industry
Maximum Enrollment: 20 students

Required Materials (Course Pack)

The Required Materials cost (Course Pack)—including standard shipping within the United States—is $100. This includes:

  • Online Materials and Library Resources (OMLR) - $100

Total Course Price = $1425 (3 credits x $475 per credit) + $100 Course Pack = $1525

Does not include Registration Fee, which is $200 per program or $30 per credit if enrolling in single courses.

Tuition Includes:

  • Expert faculty with real-world clinical experience in each course
  • All instruction and evaluation, including weekly interaction with your instructor through the online classroom, live teleconferences and/or chats, email, and the Instructor’s Virtual Office
  • Dynamic online lectures updated regularly to include the latest evidence-based research and industry updates
  • Bonus: Access to the ACHS Wellness Guide Online.
Optional Recommended Reading & Study Kits

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Additional Prerequisites

Completion of the core Masters program requirements.