Lisa Youngstrom, BS, MS, RN

Lisa Youngstrom, BS, MS, RN

Lisa Youngstrom, MS, BS, RN, HNC,

Undergraduate courses taught: AROMA 101, AROMA 203, AROMA 303, AROMA 304, HERB 101, HERB 201, HOMB 201, NAT 101, NAT 210, NAT 211, NAT 212, NAT 303, NUT 101

Lisa Youngstrom has been an RN for over 25 years and has worked in many aspects of healthcare in Ohio, including hospital settings, education, and integrative medicine. She began her journey in studying integrative medicine over 20 years ago with classes in herbal medicine, Healing Touch, Reiki, board certification in Holistic Nursing, and other forms of energy and body work. Lisa completed the Clinical Aromatherapy and “M” Technique training with RJ Buckle, and was asked by the founder to become an instructor. She taught across the United States and in Japan for several years.

Lisa completed a BS in Holistic Studies and Wellness at Union Institute in 1998. Shortly after completing her BS, she went to work for a major healthcare organization in Ohio in their integrative medicine clinic. In addition, she designed a Clinical Aromatherapy template for the hospital system.

Lisaʼs love for learning continued when she decided to go back to grad school. The online format was the perfect choice for an active life, and she chose ACHS, completing an MS in CAM.

Never leaving the green world behind, Lisa studied with David Winston in his two year program, and recieved the Clinical Herbalist designation in 2012. In 2014 she will start her fourth year of training with David.

Currently Lisa has a private practice as a Holistic Health Practitioner with herbal medicine as the center focus, incorporating other aspects as needed by the client. She also is a Program Coordinator for STNA at a local vocational school. Attending yearly conferences keeps her current in integrative medicine.

When not teaching or seeing clients, Lisa can be found out in the green world, cooking, playing with grandchildren, caring for her cats, and learning to spin. All these things and more, nurture her spirit.