Graduate Certificate in Botanical Safety

Graduate Certificate in Botanical Safety

Total Credits Completed

The ACHS Graduate Certificate in Botanical Safety provides specialized training for Graduate students in the efficacy and safety of the use of herbal medicinal products.Professionals working in the complementary alternative medicine (CAM) field will be able to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the safe application of botanical medicine.

Learning Outcomes

Assemble a solid theoretical understanding of how to review, utilize and design scientific and clinical research.
Construct a strong theoretical knowledge of the principles of pharmacognosy and phytochemistry as they apply to botanical studies.
Critically evaluate the molecular structure of active constituents and how they contribute to a botanical’s observable actions.
Identify and evaluate the methods of quality control, extraction, potency, and variability of herbs and how it relates to the botanical industry.
Synthesize an advanced knowledge of the principles of toxicology and the mechanisms and effect of herb-herb and herb-drug interactions.
Demonstrate an understanding of the toxicology of plant and essential oil constituents, the possible allergic and adverse reactions to herbal products and the influence of herbal quality on potential toxicity.
Analyze the relative risks and benefits of commonly used botanical substances.
Compare and contrast knowledge from empirical use with data from current phytochemical, toxicological and epidemiological studies and databases.
Assemble an advanced knowledge base of the herbal materia medica with a strong theoretical understanding of efficacy based on current research.
Construct a working knowledge of the therapeutic action, active constituents, and methods of administration and regulatory status of each botanical.

Current Instructors:

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Admissions Requirements:

Bachelors degree from US Department of Education approved accredited institution, an admissions interview and recommendation for admission from the Dean of Admissions.

Tuition and Fees:

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Required Sequence:

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