Stephen Webber, BA, MFA

Stephen Webber, BA, MFA


Undergraduate courses taught: CT 101, ENG 101, ENG 201, LIB 101, WR 101

Stephen Webber was born in Kansas, raised in Texas and Oklahoma, lived in Colorado, studied abroad in Nova Scotia, and earned his Master of Fine Arts degree in poetry from New Mexico State University in Las Cruces.

Stephen is the author of Writing From the Inside Out: The Practice of Free-Form Writing. He practices yoga in the Pranakriya tradition as taught by Yoganand Michael Carroll. Currently he is studying Sanskrit with the goal of teaching some of the ancient language’s insights. 

Stephen is the founder and coordinator for Writing Immersion Retreats in Italy, Bali, and Mexico. Additionally, he has seven years of hybrid online and face-to-face classroom teaching experience. His focus is on facilitating student-centered learning and conveying the fundamentals of clear written communication. Because students in the online classroom have schedules that are already quite full, it is important for the course guidelines and expectations to be especially clear. One of the chief benefits of online education is that students are able to show up for class precisely when they feel most ready to do so. 

On the first day of spring 2013 he moved to a 10-acre property in rural northern California, where he lives off-grid in a rustic and many-windowed single room cabin tucked into the hillside. It is by no means fancy. The property is in its very early stages, and there is a lot more planting and building to be done. The property's agricultural focus will be the cultivation of rare and sacred medicinal plants and the brewing of herbal and medicinal meads, ales, teas, essential oils and wines. The agricultural philosophy will be biodynamic, working toward the ideals of permaculture and regenerative design. 

The property was purchased with the generous donations of friends and family and follows the model of a gift economy. It is strictly small scale, an invitation-only retreat center for writers, artists and yoga practitioners to practice and collaborate and contribute.