Verification at ACHS

Verification at ACHS

Verification is the process of confirming the accuracy of student reported data on financial aid applications. The ACHS Financial Aid Office verifies those applicants identified by the Department of Education as having been selected for verification and any student who provides conflicting information warranting further investigation.

The documentation required varies according to the item verified. At a minimum, acceptable documentation includes:

  • The accurate/legible completion of the applicable verification worksheet, including notarization when required.
  • Original copies of the Verification Worksheet, when notary is required.
  • IRS Tax Transcripts for the applicable tax year if the IRS data retrieval tool was not utilized, and when required to verify AGI, taxes paid, and other tax data.
  • A copy of a high school transcript (or equivalent) for students required to provide proof of high school completion.
  • A copy of the ID presented to the notary for students selected to complete the Statement of Educational Purpose.

ACHS can accept faxed or emailed documents, with the exception of any notarized forms, which must be sent to the college via mail. All documents requiring a signature must not be signed electronically. Scans or faxes of wet signatures are acceptable.

ACHS’s Financial Aid Office will notify a student of the results of verification if, as a result of verification, the student’s Expected Family Contribution (EFC) changes and results in a change in the student’s financial aid award. ACHS will make such notifications by phone and/or email. In addition, a new Student Aid Report (SAR) is automatically generated and sent to the student when a correction to the FAFSA is submitted as a result of verification.

With appropriate documentation, student verification is not required if any of the following applies:

  • An applicant who died during the award year
  • A student who does not receive Title IV funds
  • A student who is eligible to receive only unsubsidized loans
  • Student was selected for verification after ceasing to be enrolled at the school and after all Title IV aid has been disbursed

For a complete list of items required for verification by tracking group for the 2015-2016 award year, refer to