ACHS Staff

Brandy Ferrara, MS, DC


Undergraduate courses taught: BIO 111, CHEM 120, ENV 201, HED 303, HLTH 101, HLTH 201, HLTH 410, HLTH 416, NAT 101, NAT 210, NAT 211, NAT 212, NAT 302, NAT 303, NAT 307, NUT 101, NUT 210, NUT 301, NUT 302, NUT 303 NUT 304, NUT 308, NUT 309, NUT 311, NUT 312,  NUT 401, NUT 415, NUT 499, PHL 101, PHL 202, PSY 303, RES 301

Graduate courses taught: CAP 501, CHEM 501, HED 503, HERB 521, IHS 500, NAT 501, NAT 502, NAT 503, NAT 504, NUT 501, NUT 504, NUT 509, NUT 510, RES 501

Dr. Brandy Ferrara has always had a passion for holistic healthcare and nutrition.  After graduating from National University of Health Sciences as a Doctor of Chiropractic she went on to obtain her Masters in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport.  While setting up a private practice, she started to teach anatomy and physiology and decided that this was where her career path should take her.  She has lectured on nutrition and anatomy and physiology at numerous colleges and universities in Wisconsin for over 7 years, both online and in the traditional classroom.  She has also taught graduate and undergraduate courses for Huntington College of Health Sciences in Knoxville, TN.

Dr. Ferrara is working towards becoming a Certified Clinical Nutritionist and has held several clinical positions in the medical field.  As an intern, her main patient clientele was nutrition centered, which she treated using holistic care.  She also has a passion for botanicals and nutrition for children.

Recently, Dr. Ferrara has published articles for and is developing curriculum for various colleges.  While spending time with her family, she enjoys cooking and outdoor activities.  “Having two young daughters keeps me busy, but I love teaching them how to live a healthy life through proper nutrition and active lifestyles.”

Last updated 3/27/19