ACHS Staff

Colby Caldwell, Ph.D.

Colby Caldwell

Assistant Professor

Colby is an analytical, organic, and natural products chemist with over 20 years of academic and industry experience. He has a deep knowledge and appreciation of chemistry and how it informs our understanding of biology and the world around us. He has extensive practice with the tools and methods of the modern laboratory including LC, GC, MS, NMR, and IR. His career is driven by the use of chemistry to discover, innovate and create value-added products from nature and to pass this knowledge along to others.


Born and raised in Eastern Oregon, he moved to the coast of California to attend college where he majored in chemistry at the University of California Santa Cruz. After a stint working in biotechnology at a San Francisco startup, he went on to earn a Ph.D. in pharmaceutical sciences at the University of Arizona. His dissertation focused on the discovery of new antitubercular compounds from rare South American plants. After a 13-year hiatus, he returned to Oregon to again work in biotech where he ran an analytical lab and managed a group of scientists. He has worked as a chemist in the dietary supplement and cannabis industries and as a college chemistry instructor. During this time he had the pleasure of raising a family. His sons have recently flown the nest and now attend university themselves.


A nature lover to the core, Colby spends his free time exploring the beautiful coast, mountains, and deserts of the West when he can put his botany and natural history skills to the test. While at home he is happiest in the garden where plant propagation and landscape design provide an endless creative outlet. In the cold winter months, you will most likely find him by the fire with a strong pot of coffee working his way through an endless list of mystery novels and thrillers.