Structure of the Advisory Council

The Board of Directors or existing members may nominate new members throughout the year. There is no maximum number of members nor maximum term of service. Invitations to join the Advisory Council may be issued to distinguished community members who are:

  • Knowledgeable in the occupational area offered by the College
  • Recognized authorities in their area of expertise
  • Represent a broad range of the industry including practitioners, employers, self employed, educators, and retailers
  • Committed leaders who express sincere interest in the program and have the confidence of others in the community
  • Dedicated to the occupation and the community

The Advisory Council may perform their function through:

  • Email responses to the Curriculum Committee on specific issues that arise from time to time regarding program learning outcomes
  • As needed in person meetings, teleconferences or Webinar meetings to review and discuss proposed major program revisions, including major updates to program learning outcomes

The Academic Dean coordinates with the Advisory Council members and College as needed to provide feedback via email for new programs and any existing programs currently in a review process.  The Advisory Council may use email, online surveys, the College's project site, or any other appropriate secure technology to log activity and feedback.

The Board of Directors, Steering Committee, and the Curriculum Committee, along with any other relevant stakeholders, will review the Advisory Council’s feedback. The Curriculum Committee will coordinate with the Advisory Council for any additional information to enhance the implementation of Advisory Council recommendations.The Curriculum Committee welcome program update input from Advisory Council members at any time throughout the year by email to

Compensation & Publicity

Advisory Council service is voluntary and unpaid. Members are welcome to include their service in their resume or in any public forum. Advisory Council members receive lots of kudos and accolades and of course good karma for their services to the College, other employers, and the wellness industry.