2009 ACHS Famous Alumni Wendy Robbins

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Wendy Robbins, AromaWeb Creator, Awarded ACHS 2009 Famous Alumni

Portland, Oregon—Each year the Distance Education Training Council asks their accredited institutions to select exceptional distance education graduates for recognition. Award winners must meet select criteria set for the quality of their contribution to their chosen profession in specific, and society in general. Famous Alumni are featured in the DETC Famous Alumni brochure and on the DETC website.

ACHS 2009 Famous Alumni Wendy Robbins, Cert. Aroma, launched her website AromaWeb in 1997. “Before and after the launch of the AromaWeb,” Robbins says, “I craved to learn as much as I could about aromatherapy so that in turn, I could share that knowledge with others.” Today, Robbins writes articles about aromatherapy and essential oils, which she features on her user-friendly site, the world’s largest and most popular informational aromatherapy site on the Web.
Robbins knew aromatherapy was her passion early on. Lacking formal education in the field, she researched schools and courses, and “determined that ACHS offered the most serious and beneficial courses of study” to meet her needs. Robbins began the Certificate in Aromatherapy program in 1999 and graduated in 2000.

Her work with AromaWeb.com arose from the desire to create an online resource with accurate introductory information for those seeking more in depth information about the field of aromatherapy. Today, Robbins feels both pride and empowerment when her online visitors contact her to “share how AromaWeb has been an integral part of their discovery of aromatherapy and how their journey has led them to a formal education and career in the field.”

“I feel immensely rewarded,” Robbins says, “that through AromaWeb, I am able to utilize the knowledge and foundation in aromatherapy that I gained from my ACHS coursework to introduce the concepts of holistic aromatherapy to thousands of individuals each year!”

In 1997, the College was named the first Aromatherapy Education Provider eligible to obtain liability insurance through ABMP. Since then, ACHS has made it easy to study aromatherapy as an area of focus or in conjunction with another holistic modality, such as massage. In addition to a certificate program, ACHS offers several continuing education courses and a study-abroad summer session in Syros, Greece.

ACHS is the only accredited, fully online college offering distance education courses in complementary alternative medicine available in the U.S. To read about the Certificate in Aromatherapy Online, the Diploma in Aromatherapy, or several other courses, click here.

To contact Robbins about her experience at ACHS visit AromaWeb.com. To view her online video, click here.

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