Jodie Ritchel, AAS in CAM

Jodie Ritchel

Jodie graduated ACHS with an Associate of Applied Science in Complementary Alternative Medicine with an Aromatherapy Specialization. Jodie is also certified in reiki and Touch for Health. Jodie tells us that she started her own business to support overall wellbeing.

"I have my own business helping clients with a variety of wellness programs. I tailor my treatments to meet each individual's needs using muscle testing energy work. Services include aromatherapy, reflexology, reiki, and Touch for Health balancing."

Jodie says she believes in holistic modalities because traditional medicine treats the symptom and not the root cause of an individual's health issues.

"I have been in Anatomy and Physiology classes with nurses and students who are entering the 'Medical' field. I do not believe that the art of prescribing drugs is always helpful. There are many cases where a more natural approach would be more effective."

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Founder of Ry's N Shine Wellness Company