Lisa Powell, MS in CAM

Lisa Powell

Lisa Powell earned her Master of Science in Complementary Alternative Medicine from ACHS in 2013. She graduated with a 3.78 GPA, and completed several concurrent Certificate programs, including a Graduate Certificate in Anatomy & Physiology, Graduate Certificate in Aromatherapy, and Graduate Certificate in Botany.

In 2017 Lisa received the DEAC's 2017 Famous Alumni Award

“I have a deep passion for helping people live happier and healthier lives,” says Powell. “I believe this translates into better communities. This past year has been so rewarding as the fruits of my hard work in holistic health has benefited so many people both directly and indirectly. I truly have had the opportunity to make contributions that made positive impacts in people’s lives. To this day, I get touched when people approach me with new changes that helped their life. I get excited to wake up each day and work on my ambitious plans to see how else I may further impact an even greater number of people.”

Class and program
2013 Graduate of the Master of Science in Complementary Alternative Medicine