Mollie Newman, MS

Mollie Newman

Mollie graduated from ACHS in 2016 with a Master of Science in Complementary Alternative Medicine. Mollie has been in personal fitness for seven years and has her own personal training business.

"I founded my own personal fitness company, Newman Coaching, LLC in 2012. With this business, I have been able to reach out to my community, bringing health and fitness to the forefront in our little town and supporting everyone in their personal journey."

Mollie tells us that along with fitness, she focuses on the importance of nutrition with her clients.

"The MS in CAM program has broadened my knowledge base and client offerings. This degree has opened so many doors for my personal and business growth. I recently published my first book, It's A Lifestyle...The Link Between Tyramine & Migraine Headaches.”

Mollie says her career goals include becoming a world renowned fitness figure and well known health and wellness author.

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