7 Strategies for Student SUCCESS

DorenePetersenIt’s a new year, which means new opportunities to learn and grow as students and holistic health professionals. How exciting! Before your spring schedule fills with to-do lists, I want to take a moment to chat with you about how to succeed.

Success is personal. For some, success means earning a perfect score. For some, success means learning a new skill and successfully implementing it into his or her personal life. For others, success is a combination of both … culminating in a stellar business plan to launch a new holistic product line!

Does this sound familiar? It’s the one thing successful people have in common: they plan to succeed.

Here are my 7 strategies for student success to get you started. Just remember, to SUCCEED:

  1. Stress less. Schedule your commitments in advance and include at least 30 minutes of R&R per day.
  2. Use what you learn and remember … it takes time to master new skills.
  3. Chat with your classmates, instructor(s), family, and friends about your commitment and goals so you have a support team.
  4. Commit. Focus on the here and now – not your looming to-do list. Make a contract with yourself and stick with your commitment.
  5. Engage with the course material and look for ways you can apply it to your everyday life.
  6. Enrich the lives of others. Share the knowledge you have learned.
  7. Dare to follow your passion. It’s what brought you here.


Making your success a priority is an essential part of your holistic health education. I encourage you to take inventory of your personal plan for success – even make your own acronym – and start chatting with your friends, family, and holistic health community about your goals and commitments. Then post your plan or tell us about your commitment to success on ACHS Facebook and connect with other successful people!