ACHS Founder’s Scholarship Recipient: Digambar Prasad Chaudhary

Digambar Prasad Chaudhary graduated from with the Graduate Certificate in Aromatherapy in 2021. Living in Nepal, he began his journey with essential oils 15 years earlier as he became aware of the “many oils in his country” At that time, he worked for Non-Government Organization’s (NGO’s) and International Non-Government Organization’s (INGO’s) development programs. In 2013 he was involved in the High Mountain Agribusiness Livelihood Improvement Program of the Ministry of Agriculture Development. And in 2015 he became involved in the Asia Farmer to Farmer Program to participate in their goal to generate rapid, sustainable, and broad-based food security and economic growth in the agricultural sector program of USAID implemented by Winlock International. Working with these two organizations he had the opportunity to learn more about the Medicinal and Aromatic plants MAPS and Non-timber Forest Products (NTFPs) from the Himalayan range to the flat land of Nepal. His interest for the farming of plants grew as he was aware of the potential of growth in his country for essential oil use.

Choosing ACHS

As part of his pathway with his involvement in the Asia Farmer to Farmer program, he had the unexpected and wonderful opportunity to meet our founding president, Dorene Petersen, during her travels to Nepal. They shared fifteen days together on a tour as Dorene was there to educate the Nepalese about essential oils in their country. She also spoke about the programs we offer in Aromatherapy and how they would be beneficial to further his education. Dig was fascinated to learn more and began his journey with ACHS. He was “excited to learn about the many oils in my country and how I can use these resources to help others.”  He enjoyed the online aspect of ACHS’s learning community and the support of his instructors as there was no option for him to study like this in Nepal as there are no courses available in this subject. Dig was provided with the Founding Presidents Scholarship. You can read more about that and other scholarships offered here:

Currently in Nepal

Dig is currently involved in a company named the Institute of Aromatherapy and Plant Research Center (IAPRC). The major goal of the company is to sell quality essential oils and therapeutic blends all over the world. IAPRC also does research into the characteristics and therapeutic uses of the medicinal and aromatic plants (MAPs) growing in the natural forest and Himalayan range of Nepal. He also works on technology development and scientific cultivation of MAPs that help poor farmers in Nepal. Aromatherapy is very new in Nepal and with his wealth of knowledge he wants to continue to support local communities not only with the essential oils and blends but also in educating them about the oils and how they are beneficial. He is working with the Nepalese government to organize educational opportunities for him to teach them more about essential oils and the plants they have in their country for further agricultural development.


Written By Amy Swinehart, Director of Alumni and Career Services

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