Student Highlight: Nicole Berry |

Nicole Berry Student Highlight

Nicole Berry connects language, travel, and nutrition in her study abroad program Nutrition and Natural Medicine in Peru. As an ACHS student who lives in Spain for most of the year, Nicole says that online school fits well into her life. “It’s very supportive of my lifestyle, which is traveling a lot and running a […]

10 Ways to Feel More Grounded Every Day

Developing a wellness plan sounds overwhelming, but it does not have to be. Like most plans for wellness, the hardest part is staying on course. Before we get started, I want to emphasize that wherever you are on any given day is exactly where you should be. There is no room in life for self-sabotage […]

Nourishment for the Mind and Soul at NANP 2015

Earlier this month, I had the privilege of attending the annual National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP) Conference. I had been eagerly anticipating this event for over a year and may have even stalked the NANP Conference page regularly for updates on presenters and topics. It isn’t every day that this Midwesterner gets to be […]

What Is State Authorization and Why Should Students Care?

Many students know there is a U.S. Department of Education (DOE) that administers federal policies related to financial aid, student privacy, crime reporting, etc. What students may not be aware of is the role of their home state in determining access to higher education. For example, each state department of education has the power to […]