Alumni Highlight: Body-Positive Yoga

Luvena Rangel graduated from ACHS with a diploma in Holistic Health Practice. At the time, the college was called the Australasian College of Health Sciences. “Australasian” was switched out for “American” in 2009 to celebrate the 20th anniversary based in the United States. From medical degree to holistic health “I found ACHS just when I […]

Alumni Highlight: Helping Moms Break Free From Overindulging

Alison, also known as The Healthy Mom Coach, earned master’s degrees in both Health and Wellness and Holistic Nutrition before opening her own online coaching business in 2020. Lifelong interest in holistic health As someone who has always been interested in natural ways to overcome health issues, Alison says that she’s learned firsthand how important […]

Student Highlight: H2a Botanicals

Sierra Goldstein Student Highlight

Sierra Goldstein is a student in the Bachelor of Science in Integrative Health Sciences Program. At age 14 she began to formulate her own products and is the founder of H2a Botanicals, a luxury skincare and wellness brand that she and her mother run. Getting Inspired Growing up, Sierra was surrounded by plants in her […]

Student Highlight: Armed Forces to Holistic Business Owner

Erin Crawford Student Highlight

Erin Crawford is a student in the AAS in Complementary Alternative Medicine program and is the owner of Neesta’s Holistic Alternatives. Choosing Wellness After becoming injured while serving in the Army, Erin’s eyes were first opened to the possibilities of holistic health. “I started having to get care for certain issues and injuries that I […]

Alumni Highlight: Happy Health Naturally

Michelle Kolcan graduated from ACHS in 2020 with an AAS in Complementary Alternative Medicine and a specialization in herbalism. She opened her business, Happy Health Naturally, right after graduating. Growing Up Holistic Michelle grew up in a family that used natural health and nutrition to stay healthy. “I think that that background gave me faith […]

3 Tips For Building Better Habits

3 Tips For Building Better Habits

As the new year approaches, more and more people are thinking about what we would like to change in 2021. According to Forbes, less than 25% of people actually stay committed to their New Year’s resolutions after just 30 days [1]. If you have tried building a habit before but couldn’t keep it up, keep […]

Alumni Highlight: Opening A Thriving Business During COVID

Opening A Thriving Business During COVID-19 Jennifer Archie is an alumni of the Graduate Certificate in Complementary Alternative Medicine program, and the proud owner of The Good Earth Holistic Health Center in Mt. Hope, West Virginia where she offers health consultations, custom mixed aromatherapies, cupping and candling, therapeutic piercings for migraines, and more. “It’s like […]

4 Healthy Immune System Habits

Image copyright: We have all heard a lot about our immune system lately. We are encouraged to boost it and support it as if it is as easy as getting fitted for a new bra. Reality check – it’s not as easy and quick as a new underwire bra. All is not lost. Acquiring […]

Alumni Highlight: Lola Boyers

It’s amazing how one little thing can change the course of your life. That’s what happened to ACHS graduate Lola Boyers when she happened to start reading Natural Cures They Don’t Want You To Know About by Kevin Trudeau. Lola doesn’t remember where she got the book, but is glad she did because it jump-started […]

Promoting Healing and Vitality through Laughter

©langstrup @ April Fools’ Day, sometimes called All Fools’ Day, is meant to be one of the most light-hearted days of the year. Its origins are uncertain. Some think it is a celebration of spring’s arrival. Others believe it may have stemmed from people choosing not to accept adoption of a new calendar that […]

Jiha Lim, Aromatherapy Instructor from Seoul, Korea

Jiha is one of 16 students who engaged in a transformational aromatherapy learning experience and a rare opportunity to learn from renowned aromatherapy expert and American College of Healthcare Sciences (ACHS) Founder and President, Dorene Petersen and ACHS Aromatherapy Program Chair and Registered Aromatherapist Amanda Lattin, on November 4-9, 2018.