Jump Start Your Holistic Health Career Skills with 3 New Online Classes

**This blog post was updated December 2016 to reflect more recent information.  American College of Healthcare Sciences is proud to announce that it will offer a new writing and information literacy course, ENG 100 College Writing, Research Literacy, & Critical Thinking, in time for Summer Semester starting May 20, 2013. (Note, ENG 100 was originally three individual five-week, […]

8 Tools You Need to Be A Successful Holistic Health Student at ACHS

A lot of folks ask me what it takes to be successful in an online class in herbal medicine, aromatherapy, or holistic nutrition. I spend a lot of time working with our graduates: I’m in charge of employer surveys and alumni outreach as part of our Outcomes Assessment and Institutional Improvement and Strategic Plans. Plus […]

5 Tips to Help Kick-Start Your Spring Health Goals

There is no magic pill for weight loss. The best magic for weight management is weight maintenance. That can be a hard sell over the winter. On cold days, it can be hard to convince ourselves that we would rather have a carrot than a piece of organic chocolate cake.