Steps to Summer Canning Success

I’m a big canner. I have canned everything from fruits, vegetables, meat, and fish. One of the things that I now do after years of ending up with any number of things from not enough of one thing and tons of another. Way too many of the wrong size jars, no lids, no pickling salt, […]

Alkaline Diets: Fad or Fabulous

What do know about the acidic vs. alkaline diet and health? Are you a proponent of one or the other? If you are, I’d be interested in knowing more about what brought you to your conclusion.

Animal Protein vs. Plant-based Protein

The question I hear most when people learn that I practice a vegan lifestyle is: How do you get your protein? This is a super important question as WebMd tells us the daily protein intake recommended for adult men is 56 grams and adult women need 46 grams with 10 to 35 percent coming from […]

The 4th Sweet Way to Cut Sugar (Plus Seasonal Shortcake Recipe!)

Yesterday was Food Day, so we took some time to celebrate nutrition with 3 Sweet Ways to Cut Sugar. If you didn’t see it, definitely take some time to read up on the dangers of sugar and artificial sweeteners; we have some great tips for weaning it out of your diet. Did our tips help you […]