India Study Abroad: What Handmade Products are Made in India?

As we traveled from city to city, experiencing the nuances of each new village through the window of the car, I was struck by the disparity between how I usually spend my days and how many in India spend theirs. There is a basic level of living here, one that many of us in the […]

How to Navigate Food Allergies While Traveling this Summer

One of the highlights of traveling is trying new cuisines and restaurants. But for individuals with celiac disease, gluten sensitivities, or other food allergies, finding a safe place to eat can be stressful and even make travel a dreaded experience. However, from my knowledge of living with multiple food intolerances, I’ve picked up some tips […]

Study Abroad in India: How Silk is Produced

We wrestle free from the gridlock traffic of Bangalore, and begin down the long road to Mysore. On the way, we stop at one of the many coconut lean-tos, where our lady in her bright-pink sari deftly takes a machete to the tough coconut husk, and inserts a straw for us to drink the electrolyte-rich […]

Why Greece Loves Olive Trees and Oil

I’ve always been a tree hugger. But I do have my favorites, like the beautiful Mediterranean olive tree. There is something about wrapping your arms around an old, weathered olive tree trunk and inhaling the surrounding aromas that provides deep rejuvenation. Could it be connected to the fact that this ancient, noble tree has been […]

Essential Oil Feature: Paraguay Petitgrain

“Where do your oils come from?” is a question I am often asked. I love hearing this from Apothecary Shoppe customers and ACHS students and grads. Knowing where the plants used to distill your oils are grown or wildcrafted is vital in appreciating the differences and qualities in each essential oil. Sustainable farming and harvesting […]

5 Romantic Destinations for Essential Oil Lovers

You may have noticed that many of us at the American College are bonafide travel junkies. So if your Valentine’s Day has you stuck firmly in reality rather than jetting off somewhere exotic (like mine!), what’s better than to daydream? Here are the five most romantic places on earth, which also happen to be amazing […]

7 Essential Oils: The Ultimate Travel Kit for the Winter Olympics in Sochi

Did you start watching the Olympics last night? We did! My family and I love the Winter Olympics! But as far as travel accommodations go, things have been a bit more “one star” than “five rings” in Sochi, Russia! What can you do to protect yourself when your travels don’t include the Ritz Carlton? Travel […]

Top 9 Reasons to Study Abroad in Indonesia

We’re very excited to announce that our Aromatic Indonesia 2014 Study Abroad tour will be casting off on May 12th until the 25th. Interested in joining us on our herbal excursions? I’ve compiled the top 9 reasons why you shouldn’t miss out on the incredible opportunity to study abroad with us in Indonesia:

Black Pepper Oil in Southern India

As our bus bumped along on the upward journey to the mountain village of Meenar on our way to where the last, largest remaining sandalwood forest is managed by the Kerala Forest Department, I was thrilled to spot what looked like black pepper clambering and twining over palms and other trees.