The Most Important APA Rules to Know

The Most Important APA Rules to Know  What’s the big deal about APA style? APA (American Psychological Association) style … what’s the big deal, and why do we use it? Originated in 1929 by a group of anthropologists, psychologists, and business managers, APA is a citation style that consists of rules and guidelines to ensure […]

Why You Should Add Writing to Your Self-Care Routine

When you think self-care, you may not automatically think writing. You’re not alone. But writing is actually a deceptively simple and powerful practice you can use to up your self-care game. True, when our favorite wellness influencers talk “self-care,” they’re typically advocating more obvious mind-body practices. Meditation. Yoga. Cooking. Gardening. Aromatherapy. Breathing. Smiling. Loving. Walking. […]

5 Avoidable Mistakes that Will Flag Your Comment as SPAM

I have a lot of fun working on our holistic health and wellness blog here at the American College of Healthcare Sciences. Almost two years ago, we decided to focus on our ACHS Health and Wellness Blog, free eBooks, and free webinars as a way to extend our Social Mission to provide free engaging, tangible, […]

6 Signs You Should Become a Holistic Nutritionist

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on June 9, 2014, and was updated in June 2017.  Why do you do what you do? This was the question asked by the keynote speaker, Jim Roman, at the NANP Conference & Expo in 2014 to a room full of holistic nutrition professionals, students, experts, and me. I’m a writer, […]

How Do Wellness Coaches Write Better?

If you follow ACHSedu on Facebook, you might have seen our recent post asking the question, “If you could change one thing within our food culture or medical culture, what would it be?” If not, it’s all good. I’m happy to fill you in. We received more than 35 comments with incredibly thoughtful answers addressing […]

Text Abbreviations: An “IDTS” in the Holistic Health Classroom?

AAMOI, I OH “DYNWUTB” YD & was TTLY LNT. Know what I mean? I barely do (and only after consulting several online text dictionaries). Let me translate for you: AAMOI, I OH “DYNWUTB” YD & was TTLY LNT = As a matter of interest, I overheard the abbreviation DYNWUTB yesterday, which was totally lost in […]

Writing: Silencing Your Inner Critic

Doesn’t it sometimes seem like just about everyone and their canary has a blog? So why is it that so many well-trained people are nervous to put “pen to paper” (or hands to keyboard!) and write a blog post or article to share their expertise? For many otherwise well-adjusted and confident holistic health and wellness […]