Applied Capstone - BUS 598

Applied Capstone
Business Administration
Course Number
BUS 598


In the capstone course, students identify, examine, and apply the practical connections between the MBA program, their personal and professional lives, organizations, their communities, and the triple bottom line perspective that includes financial, environmental, and social impacts. Using skills and competencies that demonstrate mastery of the MBA program learning outcomes, students identify a project in which to apply their learning. Employing a variety of tools, students demonstrate their ability to synthesize and apply theory to create an implementation plan for improved organizational performance and make a contribution to the literature on sustainable business practices.

Learning Outcomes

Demonstrate an understanding of domestic and international business leadership, professional best practices, and sustainable business management.
Using a global mindset, formulate core business functions in a global or local community business environment, incorporating sustainability principles that support the health and wellness of a community and optimize sustainability and wellness outcomes.
Improve organizational proficiency in the management of technology.
Design methods for the analysis of complex data to produce performance improvements consistent with sustainability values.
Generate research that contributes to the literature on sustainable practices in a global or local community business environment.


Required Course Pack:

  • Online Materials and Library Resources (OMLR)

Required Textbooks: 

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Additional Prerequisites

Completion of all other MBA degree program requirements and the course is taken at the end or concurrently with final program requirements.

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