Introduction to Aromatherapy for Spa Managers - AROMA 103B

Introduction to Aromatherapy for Spa Managers
Aromatherapy, Spa Management
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AROMA 103 introduces spa workers and managers to aromatherapy, including a brief overview of essential oils, production, history, basic training in safety, related anatomy & physiology, methods of use in the spa setting, and a more in-depth look at 13 commonly used essential oils in the spa. 

Learning Outcomes

Discuss aromatherapy, its history, and development
Identify and safely use 13 essential oils, from Chamomile to Ylang ylang, including methods of application
Assess the quality of essential oils and understand the primary production methods
Describe the physiology of the sense of smell
Give an overview of the limbic system, lymphatic system, immune system, and skin, along with methods of absorption of essential oils
Discuss how essential oils interact on physical and emotional levels
Create at least five different essential oil preparations for use in a spa setting
Identify contraindications and safety issues
Create a blend and choose from a range of carrier oils

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Please note: There are no separate textbooks required for this course; all required reading for this course is located in the online classroom.

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Last updated 7/14/19

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