Business Communications - BUS 304

Business Communications
General Education
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BUS 304


This course provides the foundations of all types of business communication including letters, memos, electronic communication, written reports, oral presentations, and interpersonal communication. The course also includes topics of resumes, application letters, interviewing tips, and employment follow-up documents.

Learning Outcomes

Evaluate elements of effective business communication.
Explain barriers that can create ineffective communication.
Analyze ethical issues related to communication.
Explain the importance of intercultural communication in the business setting.
Use the English language appropriately in business communications.
Develop effective visual aids for a business proposal.
Prepare a paper and an oral presentation.

Required Materials & Textbooks:

The Required Materials cost (Course Pack) —including standard shipping within the United States— is $115. This includes:

•    Online Materials and Library Resources (OMLR) - $115

The Required Publisher Textbooks*:

•    Access to Lumen Learning eText - $35

Total Course Price: $975 (3 credits X $325 per credit) + $115 Required Materials + $35 Textbooks & Media = $1125.00

* You may always elect to buy or rent your textbooks/ebooks new or used. However, when choosing to purchase college textbooks and supplementary materials outside the College store, please use caution to ensure you purchase the correct version of required materials.

Maximum Enrollment: 30 students


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