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Business Law
Business Administration
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BUS 514


This course is a practical survey of business law geared towards providing managers with a solid grasp of key legal concepts and principles they are likely to encounter in their workday. Students learn that the benefits of legal action must be weighed against the risks and costs of litigation. Topics include the legal environment, contracts, commercial transactions, and business organizational structures discussed and evaluated from a perspective in support of domestic and global business practices that are financially, socially, and environmentally sustainable. 

Learning Outcomes

Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the business relationships that must be developed and created through the lifecycle of a typical business.
Analyze, from a multi-stakeholder perspective, management problems that arise within domestic and global business relationships and describe methods to resolve them.
Employ an understanding of the risks, costs, and tradeoffs inherent in a global economy and how to consider or seek counsel on their implications to an organizational entity committed to principles of sustainability.
Apply knowledge of key areas in business, labor, and environmental law, including contracts, bankruptcy, corporations, employer/employee relations, and property, in domestic and global settings.
Demonstrate ethical principles grounded in sustainable practices with respect to legal disputes faced by business managers operating domestically and globally.


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  • Online Materials and Library Resources (OMLR) 

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