Herbal Materia Medica III Online - HERB 304

Herbal Materia Medica III Online
Herbal Medicine
Course Number
HERB 304


HERB 304 continues the study of herbal materia medica, studying each botanical in depth, including its therapeutic actions, active constituents, methods of administration, cautions and contraindications, and current research.

Learning Outcomes

Name the botanical and family name of the botanicals studied.
Discuss the primary uses of the botanicals studied.
Describe the botanical identifying characteristics of the botanicals studied.
Discuss dosage and administration including duration of the botanicals studied.
Explain the pharmacological action of the botanicals studied
Discuss the contraindications of the botanicals studied.
Identify and describe adverse effects, including possible drug and supplement interactions, of the botanicals studied.
Recall the regulatory status of the botanicals studied.


Maximum Enrollment: 30 students

Required Materials (Course Pack)

The Required Materials (or Course Pack) cost—including standard shipping within the United States—is $441.50 This includes:

  • ACHS eTextbook: Petersen, D. (2017). HERB 304: Herbal Materia Medica III (17th Edition). Portland, OR: American College of Healthcare Sciences. - $135 (Optional: Printed copy available for an additional $111)
  • Online Materials and Library Resources (OMLR) - $115
  • HERB 304 Herb Kit

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Total Course Price: $975 (3 credits x $325 per credit) + $441.50 Course Pack + $23 Textbook = $1439.50

Does not include Registration Fee, which is $200 per program or $30 per credit if enrolling in single courses.

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Optional Recommended Reading 

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