Introduction to Business - BUS 101

Introduction to Business
General Education
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BUS 101


This course provides students with an overview of business in an increasingly global society serving as an introduction to business terminology, concepts, environments, systems, strategies, and current issues. Topics include an overview of the business environment, business ethics, entrepreneurship and global business, management, marketing, production, information systems, and financial elements of business. This course provides a solid business foundation for more detailed and higher-level study in subsequent courses.

Learning Outcomes

Describe the key components of the contemporary US and international business environment.
Describe the role of ethics and social responsibility in the business environment.
Examine how businesses can be organized and structured.
Analyze the various functions of and approaches to management.
Analyze marketing processes, forces, and issues in a business enterprise.
Examine the key strategies, tools, and issues involved in business operations.
Examine the key financial concepts involved in the business enterprise.
Develop familiarity with how a business plan incorporates sound business concepts, systems, and strategies

Required Materials & Textbooks:

The Required Materials cost (Course Pack) —including standard shipping within the United States— is $115. This includes:

•    Online Materials and Library Resources (OMLR) - $115
•    Access to Lumen Learning eText - $35

The Required Publisher Textbooks*:

All required reading for this course is located in the online classroom.

Maximum Enrollment: 30 students


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