Introduction to Chemistry - CHEM 120

Introduction to Chemistry
General Education
Course Number
CHEM 120


This course provides an introduction to the study of General Chemistry and offers a conceptual approach to chemistry by starting first with macroscopic phenomena and then presenting the underlying microscopic details. Topics include scientific method, atomic structure, Periodic Table of Elements, chemical bonding, states of matter, reaction rates and chemical equilibrium, oxidation-reductions reactions, acid-base chemistry, and nuclear chemistry.

Learning Outcomes

Analyze Dalton's atomic theory with respect to the structure of the atom.
Describe the states of matter, their properties, and the effect of chemical measurements on chemical calculations.
Describe the process of phase change and the properties of liquids and solids.
Summarize the applications of various gas laws.
Summarize factors affecting solubility and the properties of liquids.
Discuss the various types of chemical reactions.
Analyze quantum theory with respect to the structure of the atom.
Describe the organization of the periodic table with respect to atomic properties.
Analyze the various theories of chemical bonding.
Discuss reaction mechanisms and the factors affecting the rate of a reaction.
Analyze and discuss acids and bases.
Explain oxidation-reductions reactions.
Explore the basics of nuclear chemistry.


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