Introduction to Integrative Health Sciences - NAT 500

Introduction to Integrative Health Sciences
Integrative Health
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NAT 500


This survey course will explore the field of integrative medicine, building familiarity with the variety of holistic health practices that fall under the complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) umbrella along with their fundamental or core concepts, methodologies, and theoretical foundations. Students investigate the multifaceted meaning of the term “holistic” and consider how each CAM modality fits within the holistic health paradigm. 

Students will get familiar with the current research in the CAM field and gain a solid understanding of types of research study designs. They will learn to locate, assess, integrate and write the analysis in a format used by scientific research journals.


Learn more about integrative health for personal wellness
Discover new fields of complementary alternative medicine and identify areas you may want to study further

Learning Outcomes

Describe the concept of holistic in the context of holistic health and wellness
Differentiate between the holistic health, integrative health care, and allopathic health care models
Describe the fundamental concepts, methodologies, and theoretical foundations of the CAM modalities studied
Critically assess basic and clinical scientific studies examining CAM modalities
Report the analysis of the CAM studies in a format used by scientific research journals


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