Managerial Economics - BUS 512

Managerial Economics
Business Administration
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BUS 512


This globally-focused course is designed to develop and deepen students' understanding of basic economic concepts and how they support or impede efforts related to sustainability. Examination centers on principles that underpin the current global economic environment, including microeconomic and macroeconomic concepts of scarcity, market activities, international trade and exchange rates, and metrics including GDP, unemployment rates, inflation, and interest rates. Students undertake a critical, multi-stakeholder analysis of the impact modern economic dynamics have on organizations seeking to operate in ways that simultaneously support financial, environmental, and social sustainability.

Learning Outcomes

Define and apply economic terms and practices that influence global business dynamics.
Compare, contrast, and evaluate the four main forms of market structures which include pure competition, monopolistic competition, oligopoly, and monopoly industries.
Using critical thinking techniques, apply a supply and demand approach to global economic analysis and examine its use in the allocation of resources.
Evaluate the effect of micro- and macroeconomic variables on decision making through a sustainability lens, at the individual and organizational level.
Assess the impact of international trade and exchange rates on both a national and a global economy.
Critique fiscal policy and evaluate its impact on macroeconomic variables.
Assess the Federal Reserve System, commercial banking, monetary policy, and their equivalents in other countries.
Identify an economic challenge in a global setting, evaluate alternative responses and opportunities that include impacts on financial, human, and environmental resources, and present findings.

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