Program Planning for Health Educators - HLED 554

Program Planning for Health Educators
Health Education
Course Number
HLED 554


Students will explore the different learning models that health educators commonly use to educate the community.  Students will learn how to create learning objectives for the curriculum development.  Students will learn how to create health marketing messages that follow governmental guidelines (Health Education Curriculum Analysis Tool (HECAT)) including literacy levels. Students will analyze  the media outlets that are used to deliver health messages. Students will also adapt teaching strategies for diverse populations.


Create a 30-minute recorded “teaching” presentation (either audio or video) based on a relevant health topic
Explore community health events in your community
Learn to develop marketing materials such as flyers, brochures, and newsletters

Learning Outcomes

Demonstrate effective methodologies in health education and teaching
Examine effective communication strategies needed to encourage health education in a community
Demonstrate an awareness of how health literacy impacts program development
Identify the role of a health educator in different settings (community, classroom, etc.)
Incorporate the National Health Objectives for the Nation from the Healthy People Initiative
Create learning outcomes and curriculum content for a mock health education class
Identify gaps in health education


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Maximum Enrollment: 30 students

Last updated 5/27/19

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