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Public Health Education Online
General Education
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HLTH 416


This course presents health education and health promotion in several contexts: public and community health, school health, and worksite health. Public Health Education offers a unique focus on actively involving students in the educational process, from determining objectives, to instructional activities, to program evaluation. Students will be better prepared to plan, implement, and evaluate health education and health promotion programs, as well as discover ways to involve clients more actively and effectively.

Learning Outcomes

Assess community health education needs with primary and secondary data.
Develop learner goals for health education programs.
Plan the implementation of a health education program
Select teaching methods appropriate for the intended audience.
Select marketing/publicity methods appropriate to the intended audience.
Evaluate effectiveness of a program with the use of appropriate evaluation methods.
Justify programs, products, services and care using appropriate evidence or data
Demonstrate effective and professional oral and written communication and documentation and use of current information technologies when communicating with individuals, groups and the public.
Demonstrate professional writing skills when preparing professional communication and educational materials
Design, implement and evaluate presentation considering life experiences, cultural diversity and educational background of your target audience
Demonstrate active participation, teamwork and contributions in a group setting.
Develop an educational presentation for a target population
Demonstrate effective communication skills using oral, print, visual, electronic and mass media methods for maximizing client education.
Deliver science based answers to consumer questions concerning emerging trends


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  • Online Materials and Library Resources (OMLR)

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