Retail Management for Spas - SPA 220

Retail Management for Spas
Integrative Health, Spa Management
Course Number
SPA 220


SPA 220 explores the importance of retail operations to spas, how to manage them, design them, choose and sell products, market a retail area, and open a new retail operation. It fully explores retail planning, inventory management, maximizing profits, sales and service, visual merchandising, and marketing within the spa environment. SPA 220 will help aspiring spa professionals increase their knowledge and understanding of vendor partner relationships.

Learning Outcomes

Describe why retail operations are important to the spa, its guests, and its employees.
Explain the elements of retail planning and how trends and classifications contribute to retail sales planning and staff compensation.
Identify purchasing strategies and methods for selecting vendors, forming partnerships, and creating a private label product line.
Outline the tasks involved in inventory management and recordkeeping.
Evaluate a retail operation’s financial performance by key factors such as total spa revenue, contribution by classification, sales per ticket, sales by therapist, markdown percentage, sales by square feet, cost of sales, and inventory turnover.
Describe how sales and service work hand in hand and ways that spa retail managers can promote effective selling among the spa staff.
List effective visual merchandising techniques for floor layout; skin, body, and beauty products; apparel and apparel-related products; and gifts and accessories.
Explain why a retail operation should market its services and what the steps are to preparing and executing a marketing plan.
List the tasks that must be performed for a successful retail opening.

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Updated 7/14/19

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