Supervision in the Hospitality Industry Online - SPA 250

Supervision in the Hospitality Industry Online
Integrative Health, Spa Management
Course Number
SPA 250


SPA 250 provides students with the principles of supervision as they apply specifically to the hospitality industry.

Learning Outcomes

Identify fundamental supervisory responsibilities and discuss methods for employee recruiting, training, participation, and resistance to change.
Explain the techniques supervisors can use to effectively manage time, communicate messages, manage conflict, coach, and discipline employees.
Forecast spa business volume using common industry methods.
Describe important issues, laws, and legal concerns that supervisors should be aware of.
Explain the importance of a supervisor’s personal and professional development and outline the strategies to execute a career plan.

Required Course Pack:

  • Online Materials and Library Resources (OMLR) 

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Updated 11/25/19

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