Curriculum Committee

Meet our Curriculum Committee here!

The ACHS Curriculum Committee is comprised of ACHS faculty and staff members from several College departments. All Team members have advanced knowledge of, and training in their areas of focus, including many years' successful employment in their respective fields and in distance education.

Permanent Curriculum Committee members include:

  • Dorene Petersen, ACHS President (BA, Dip.NT, Dip.Acu, RH (AHG))
  • Erika Yigzaw, ACHS Chief Strategy Officer (LL.B. (Hons), B.Com.)
  • Oleg Maksimov, Ph.D. Academic Dean
  • Lauren Shapiro, Dean of English & Director of Communications (MS, BA)

along with rotating faculty members and subject matter experts depending on the courses and programs being created or revised. Their mission is as follows:


The ACHS Curriculum Committee provides leadership and innovation in distance education that promotes excellence in teaching, encourages student engagement and active learning, and facilitates leading-edge technology use. We identify and support transformational initiatives that advance educational delivery models, improve student success, and advocate the importance of teaching, learning, and assessment in holistic health education.


Curriculum design, review, and development is a two-pronged process. The core content focus (i.e., learning outcomes and textbooks) must be selected by the curriculum committee, which is a team of curriculum development professionals and subject matter experts.


Secondly, the online course design, review, and development must be managed by instructional designers and communication specialists, who ensure that the content is logically aligned, sequentially ordered, and easy-to-follow, as evidenced by:

  • The course instructions articulate or link to clear description of the technical support offered
  • Course instructions articulate or link to an explanation of how the institution’s academic support system can assist students to effectively use the resources provided
  • Course instructions articulate or link to an explanation of how the institution’s student support services can help students to reach their educational goals
  • Course instructions answer basic questions related to research, writing, technology, etc., or link to tutorials or other resources that provide the information

Students, Alumni, Faculty, and Advisory Council members are invited to submit updates or suggestions for additions or updates to courses or programs to

In addition to the Committee's curriculum oversight, the Committee also participates in the management of ACHS's Library Services, which are primarily overseen by ACHS Librarian Ashley Ehmig. These team members systematically and regularly evaluate library services to ensure they are meeting the needs of its users and contributing to the attainment of institutional and program learning outcomes.