Photo of Barbara Lovelace

Undergraduate courses taught: NAT 307

Barbara grew up in Iowa where she was deeply influenced by her grandparents’ lifestyles. Her grandmother was a pioneer, sod-house prairie herbalist, who grew plants and produced formulas with Native American and old European recipes for the area settlers. The other grandparents were organic farmers and gardeners who saved generational seed for the national heirloom seed bank. Her mother was a naturalist before it was fashionable to “be green” and would cook up intriguing meals like stir-fry dandelion heads and  squash blossoms with tofu slices. As a teenager this was embarrassing, but now many of these memories for healthy living are being successfully practiced in her own home.

Barbara’s academic background includes a MA in Education and Counseling and a Bachelor of Arts in Consumer Life Sciences from the University of Northern Iowa. She also has training in medical administration and coding. She has had extensive teaching experience with adult online course work and continuing education.

Barbara is a volunteer for the local hospice and hospice respite care and practices Reiki with a community non-profit group. She enjoys online teaching because it reaches a diverse group of students, can provide a less hectic and more in-depth communication with her students than the traditional classroom, and allows her to teach with less stress for herself and her family. She enjoys native Floridian landscaping, growing orchids, her three geriatric pug dogs, piano, and beach walks with her husband during evening tide.