Photo of Cindy Fouhy

Undergraduate courses taught: CAM 100, HED 303, HLTH 101, HLTH 201, NAT 305, PSY 101, PSY 303, RES 301

Graduate courses taught: CAP 501, HED 503, NAT 515, RES 501

Dr. Cindy Merlo Fouhy (rhymes with “joy”) has served as professor, educator, counselor, presenter and facilitator to organizations, individuals, culturally diverse populations and at-risk communities. She is an integrated wellness consultant inclusive of physical, mental, and spiritual constructs and works with individuals and businesses. Her work is supported by a Ph.D. and Masters of Science in Psychology with a specialization in counseling, and a Bachelors of Science degree in Social Science and Music Education.

Dr. Fouhy is a specialist in Integrated Wellness and Positive Psychology, a recent branch of psychology that seeks a scientific understanding and effective interventions to build thriving individuals, families, and communities. Her research “Spiritual Well-Being and Physical Activity: Their Influence on Self-Esteem and Life Satisfaction,” demonstrates the dynamic multidirectional and multidimensional relationship between the three aspects of wellness and personal thriving. She founded a small wellness company that supports the integrated wellness goals of individuals and organizations.

As an educator and psychologist, Dr. Fouhy is dedicated to professional and personal excellence, fostering the highest standards in students, creating curriculum and presentations sensitive to diverse cultural populations, contributing to the field of psychology and wellness through innovative research, and developing courses that allow learners to synthesize the latest in research with proven educational best practices and integrating leading-edge technical delivery methods.