Nancy S. Poznak ACHS Faculty Bio

Undergraduate classes taught: HED 303, HLTH 101, HLTH 201, NAT 305, NAT 307, NUT 304, PFT 101

During Nancy’s preceding five years of teaching in-person classes at community colleges, she taught medical terminology, a general and comprehensive Health and Wellness course, Holistic Health, Women’s Health, and Personalized Fitness. She tackled the challenges of integrating online classroom tools into in-person classes, discovering the unique methods of classroom participation and interactions available with online class features. Nancy also works as a Health Educator in work site wellness programs as a contract employee for Health Fitness Corporation and teaches group exercise classes at a senior center.

Nancy supports student success by focusing on strengthening students’ critical thinking skills and encourages student participation as individuals and in groups. She is responsive to diverse individuals’ needs and concerns, while maintaining class protocols. She strives to establish mutually-rewarding educational experiences, incorporating humor and an amiable communication style.

Her educational path had some interesting turns, as she started out pursuing a nursing degree then switched to study community health education. She developed her strengths in working directly with others to help improve their quality of life, through education and practical experience.  Prior to completion of her Bachelor’s degree in Technical and Professional Studies in Allied Health, from Towson University in Maryland, she started teaching classes at the Community College of Baltimore County, followed by teaching at the community colleges of Carroll County and Montgomery County, all in Maryland.

Nancy’s career as a health and wellness professional started when she was working as an Art Director for Muscle & Fitness Magazine, many years ago. In the process of obtaining her first personal trainer certification for professional and personal achievement, she discovered her passion as a health and fitness professional. While completing her Master’s of Science in Health Science and Towson University, in Maryland, Nancy worked as Director of a senior fitness center, one of her favorite jobs.