ACHS Mission

Mission and Vision Statement

To provide leadership in holistic health education through comprehensive professional online and on-campus education and high-quality natural products with a commitment to sustainable practices and principles. Through our mission, ACHS fosters competence, professionalism, and cooperation in holistic healthcare and works to preserve and share knowledge in natural medicine. We will achieve our objectives through a set of values that respect our students, customers, employees, suppliers and community, and to operate with integrity that is deserving of their trust.

ACHS Objective

Through our mission, American College of Healthcare Sciences will foster competence, professionalism and cooperation in holistic healthcare, and preserve and share knowledge in natural medicine.

ACHS Institutional Learning Outcomes

The Institutional Learning Outcomes represent intended accomplishments of the College. They closely relate to program learning outcomes and course learning outcomes. Learning outcomes represent what students should learn in that course. The Institutional Outcomes Achievement Plan measures whether the institution is achieving that which it has set out to do.

Institution-wide Learning Outcomes

All ACHS students and graduates will:

  • Embrace the philosophy of integration of integrative health and wellness, encompassing the whole person and foundation of lifestyle change
  • Develop diverse perspectives on wellness to encourage creative problem solving to achieve balance and wellness
  • Develop skills of critical analysis and reasoning
  • Develop communication skills, including expressing quantitative ideas and facts effectively in writing and orally
  • Demonstrate professionalism, integrity, and ethical and social responsibility
  • Cultivate a sense of connection and involvement, including a willingness to volunteer and give back to appropriate community groups
  • Cultivate a worldview in which values, goals, strategies, initiative, and relationships are positively developed, and that emphasizes sustainability of all resources, including environmental stewardship
  • Add to the culture of academic integrity and learning at ACHS

Undergraduate Institutional Learning Outcomes

Undergraduate students at ACHS will:

  • Complete coursework in which they are exposed to new knowledge, new perspectives, and new skills
  • Develop a sense of career goals, strategies, and accomplishments that build on their gifts, talents, education, and special interests
  • Develop the ability to use an online college library and to retrieve data from a variety of sources, including reliable online sources
  • Develop a professional relationship with at least five different faculty members who have been able to advise, motivate, and direct their learning activities
  • Develop peer relationships with fellow students throughout their studies that are constructive and supportive of their learning and engagement, and learn how to effectively interact with other adults in a learning situation
  • Acquire extensive knowledge, perspective, and skill in areas of their major, which can be utilized in a job situation and in their life in general

Undergraduate Institutional Learning Outcomes

As a result of the efforts of the College, graduate students will:

  • Develop quantitative skills, including comprehending and analyzing scientific texts, interpreting research using the scientific method, and accessing and make effective use of quantitative information
  • Demonstrate a commitment to contributing value to the industry through a researched and scholarly approach to CAM and multiple research and writing projects
  • Maximize the innovative use of information and research, and set the groundwork for advancement in both
  • Demonstrate an in-depth, advanced knowledge base in their major that maximizes the innovative use of information that reflects the current theories, best practices, and research in preparation for application or further research
  • Pursue intellectual integration, similarities and differences, and engage in dialogue and debate across disciplines 

Sustainability and Community Involvement

American College of Healthcare Sciences is an accredited, Institute of Higher Learning committed to serving the public good.

American College of Healthcare Sciences is a Certified B Corporation®

American College has been a Certified B Corporation® since August 2016. Certified B Corps like ACHS meet higher standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability and operate with a clear mission to benefit the communities they serve. Learn more online here

The Apothecary Shoppe College Store is Certified Organic

The ACHS Apothecary Shoppe is an Oregon Tilth Certified Organic facility specializing in certified organic and sustainably produced essential oils and botanicals. The Apothecary Shoppe also stocks a wide range of tools and organic supplies for wellness. The Shoppe is open to the public and donates 2% of sales to sustainable soil to oil aromatherapy education initiatives. Learn more online here.

ACHS is Committed to Giving

ACHS is committed to contributing to the public good. We focus on charities that support basic human dignity at home and abroad by preventing and addressing hunger, homelessness, and access to education and educational opportunities. We support charities through participation in donation campaigns, special events, in-kind donations, and volunteerism including:

Global Giving

ACHS President Dorene Petersen integrates ACHS values into all programs, including study abroad service projects during ACHS’s study abroad programs. This dedication recently earned her the President’s Volunteer Service Award for her volunteer work in Nepal with USAID and Winrock International’s Farmer-to-Farmer program. Each study abroad experience includes opportunities for students to get involved!  

Team ACHS Volunteers!

ACHS provides staff with flexibility in scheduling work hours and time off to encourage volunteerism. Learn more about ACHS volunteer projects here

ACHS is Green! Current Sustainability Efforts

Beyond our giving power, we also concentrate on reducing our carbon footprint and impact on the environment. Learn more about ACHS’s green campus here.

Awards and Recognitions

ACHS is a community of learners committed to the health and well-being of its students, faculty, staff, and the greater community. We honor our commitment by continually upholding the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and ethical and social responsibility, and are proud to have received several awards in recognition of our efforts, including a 2017 When Work Works Award and achieving #2 of 100 Best Green Workplaces in Oregon in 2017 by Oregon Business magazine.

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