NAT 101

Nutrition, Bodycare & Herbalism Online
Holistic Medicine

The focus of the course is holistic health. Holistic health focuses on restoration of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health through the application of herbal dietary supplements and remedies.

All healing modalities offered by ACHS focus on the holistic approach. Our philosophy is that only by taking care of the whole person, the physical, emotional, and spiritual, can health and wellness occur.

This course focuses more on the CAM aspects of nutrition such as whole foods, raw foods, and organic foods in addition to giving an overview of macronutrients and micronutrients.  It discusses a wellness lifestyle program that includes some information on life stages.   Additional module topics: herbal medicine, holistic bodycare, energetic modalities such as homeopathy and flower essences and aromatherapy.

Upon successful completion of this course, each student will be able to:

  • Implement tools for increased health, well-being, and a more natural, balanced way of life
  • Implement principles of nutrition, nutritional biochemistry, acid-alkaline balance, fasting, food combining, transitional daily diet, wheat grass therapy, and sprouting.
  • Identify nutritional deficiency signs of the hair, skin, and nails
  • Discuss nutritional guidelines for pregnancy, breast-feeding, infants, children and menopause, weight management, hypoglycemia, rejuvenation program and elimination therapy.
  • Explain the effects of sodium fluoride, pollution, and smoking.
  • Understand the physiology of the skin and create natural skin and hair care
  • Explain the techniques and benefits of dry skin brushing.
  • Describe how aromatherapy and reflexology can be used for optimal health and minor ailments.
  • Prepare herbal remedies including tea blends for women and children's health.
  • Describe how herbs can be used in the daily diet as a source of vitamins and minerals.
  • Describe how herbs can be used for first aid and create a natural first aid kit.
  • Describe how flower essences can be used.

Maximum Enrollment: 30 students

Required Materials (Course Pack)

The Required Materials (or Course Pack) cost—including standard shipping within the United States—is $355.74. This includes:

  • ACHS eTextbook: Petersen, D. (2015). NAT 101: Nutrition, Bodycare, & Herbalism. Portland, OR: American College of Healthcare Sciences. - $150
    (Optional: Printed copy available for an additional $123)
  • Online Materials and Library Resources (OMLR) - $99
  • Aromamassage and Wonderful Weeds DVDs online
  • NAT 101 Practical Lab Kit - $86.74

The Required Publisher Textbooks & Media*:

  • Reflexology Laminated Chart $7.95

Total Course Price: $975 (3 credits x $325 per credit) + $355.74 Course Pack + $7.95 Textbooks & Media = $1338.69

Does not include Registration Fee, which is $200 per program or $30 per credit if enrolling in single courses.

* You may always elect to buy or rent your textbooks/ebooks new or used. However, when choosing to purchase college textbooks and supplementary materials outside the College store, please use caution to ensure you purchase the correct version of required materials.

Tuition Includes:

  • Expert faculty with real-world clinical experience in each course
  • All instruction and evaluation, including weekly interaction with your instructor through the online classroom, live teleconferences and/or chats, email, and the Instructor’s Virtual Office
  • Dynamic online lectures updated regularly to include the latest evidence-based research and industry updates
  • Bonus: Access to the ACHS Wellness Guide Online.
Optional Recommended Reading
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