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Currently offering peer support in writing and grammar, developing research papers, designing case studies, APA documenting and formatting, and many other areas to aid in the success of ACHS students.

The Peer Tutor Center  is a virtual space offering comprehensive student-to-student support with APA Formatting, English Composition and Research Writing, Aromatherapy, and Herbalism courses. ACHS students have access to tutors, discussion boards, instructional videos, and time-management and self-care resources.

Designed like a Canvas course, the Center provides links to tutor resources, a discussion board, Tips & Tricks videos, and an Open Hours Zoom Room. Each tutor holds open hours weekly for students to drop in for support. Students may also schedule one-on-one tutorial sessions. 

Please check out our readily accessible peer-produced Tips & Tricks resources for the following:

  • APA Formatting
  • Aromatherapy
  • English Composition and Research Writing
  • Herbalism

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