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October 21

Start Date: Fall 2021 Session II

November 2

[WEBINAR SERIES] Aromatherapy in Cancer Care: The Client Consultation

November 4

[WEBINAR SERIES] Assessment of Cancer Research: Essential Oils and their Components

November 5

[WEBINAR SERIES] Frankincense Boswellia Species for Cancer Care: A Research Update

November 9

[WEBINAR SERIES] Skincare Safety During Chemotherapy And Radiation

November 11

Admissions Live Q&A and Classroom Tour: November

November 11

[WEBINAR SERIES] ACHS Graduate Alumni Case Study Panel: Aromatherapy in Cancer Care

November 12

[WEBINAR SERIES] Aromatherapy for Pain Management in Cancer Care

November 16

[WEBINAR SERIES] Aromatherapy for Nausea and Vomiting During Cancer Care

November 18

[WEBINAR SERIES] Meeting Cancer Caregiver Needs: The Power of Aromatherapy Selfcare

November 19

[WEBINAR SERIES] Meeting Cancer Caregiver Needs: Aromatherapy Yoga for Connection and Restoration

November 26

Application Deadline: Spring 2022

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