Staff Awards

Has a staff member at ACHS significantly impacted your journey here? Whether they’ve provided invaluable mentorship or created an engaging and supportive environment, now is your chance to show your appreciation for their dedication with the Staff Excellence in Student Engagement award!

Staff Excellence in Student Engagement Award: This award recognizes a staff member who has shown exceptional commitment to engaging with students. This includes but is not limited to, organizing student-centric activities, workshops, mentorship, and fostering an inclusive and motivating environment. (This award is nominated by students, faculty, and peers).

The recipient of this award will be honored at the ACHS Commencement Ceremony. Your nominations celebrate our dedicated staff’s achievements and help cultivate a culture of recognition and appreciation within our college community.

Staff Excellence in Student Engagement Award:

2024 Recipient: Jenn Pizzuto

Jenn Pizutto BA MFA