Sustainable Business & Global Integrative Healthcare

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Sustainable Business & Global Integrative Healthcare


We believe that all businesses should focus on the triple bottom line – people, the planet, and profits.

The mission of the American College of Healthcare Sciences Business Department is to foster a holistic, integrative approach to business in support of more sustainable practices for entrepreneurs and those in large, multinational, public, private, and nonprofit corporations. 

We prepare students to recognize and make decisions based on the interconnectedness that exists between organizational actions and the financial, environmental, and social well-being of our complex and dynamic global society. 

We achieve this by integrating our commitment to sustainability into all aspects of our learning community, developing programs that reflect values, quality, rigor, and relevance, and making business education an accessible, positive, and valuable experience for students.


Business Education

ACHS offers business education courses grounded in principles of sustainability and organizational health and wellness. Today more than ever, those leading, managing, and developing business enterprises need an edge. With a curriculum designed and taught by proven faculty members with cutting edge expertise, our program focuses on the development of skills needed to thrive amidst 21st Century challenges.

Which course or program is right for you? Your admissions advisor will help you develop the best path for your education and explore opportunities to study sustainable business at ACHS.

Photo of Cindy Lane Ross

Cindy Lane Ross is the owner of four businesses, a full-time student, a bodybuilder, and has successfully kept her Rheumatoid Arthritis in remission for years through exercise and diet. Now, she is pursuing an ACHS Master Degree so that she can help others! Her business Life Wellness Forever focuses on hormone balancing, fitness, nutrition, and functional medicine. Cindy knows how important good quality of life is and wants to help others achieve it just like she did. Read more about Cindy.

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Sustainable Business & Global Integrative Healthcare

Degrees & Courses

Students can also select from several undergraduate business classes for continuing education, an addition to a healthcare practice, or as credit toward an ACHS bachelor’s degree.

Check out these courses to learn more: 

BUS101 – Introduction to Business

BUS304 – Business Communications Online

BUS390 – Marketing


Take this course as an elective in ACHS Masters degrees (where applicable) or study for professional development:

BUS 522 Entrepreneurial Skills for Wellness Professionals

Photo of Khetnu Nefer

“They always remembered my name. It meant a lot to me that I wasn’t just a name or a number, and this was over the span of me calling over a couple of years asking questions. When I did finally sign up, seeing how comprehensive the coursework was, was amazing! That is what really sold me on the school and seeing the evolution of where it’s gone now is really beautiful to witness.”
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Khetnu Nefer
Holistic Health Coaching Business Owner

Make an Impact with Your Degree

Amy Hardesty

“ACHS providing me with flexibility, and knowledge of things that I didn’t even know existed.”  
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Amy Hardesty
Wellness Practice Business Owner

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“I wanted to focus solely on an online college and ACHS Masters had a good range of topics,” 
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Katja Evans
Farm to School Grant Winne

Frequently Asked Questions

Sustainable Business & Global Integrative Healthcare Questions

There are many ways you can bring sustainability and high-impact practices into the business world. Whether you’re applying sustainability in small business, corporate enterprise, or integrative health and wellness practice, you can make your business a force for good. 

A good place to start is to learn more about how organizations like American College of Healthcare Sciences and other Certified B Corporations are making an impact:


How Can I Afford a Holistic Health Education at ACHS? Flexible Options and Strategies Can Help You Achieve Your Goal.


“Sustainability has been a core part of the ACHS mission and vision since 1978, and we are excited to expand our offerings with this innovative degree program. The ACHS MBA promotes the global mindset that is so critical for success in today’s business world and provides a pathway for integrative health and wellness professionals to have an even greater impact on the unprecedented health care challenges, needs, and opportunities facing us today.”

Dorene Peterson, ACHS
ACHS Founding President