ACHS Mentorship Program

Professional Mentorship

Get expert support from professionals in the holistic health field!

ACHS Professional MentorshipACHS mentors help mentees build valuable skills and share professional insights. Mentees will have an invaluable opportunity to receive 1:1 mentorship guidance and support from ACHS Alumni who have graduated from an ACHS program and are professionals in the field of holistic health.

The ACHS Mentorship program was designed as a structured professional networking opportunity to connect peers for career development and business building. The ACHS Mentorship program pairs a student or alumni with an ACHS program graduate working in their respective field. We conduct a thorough interview and pairing process to ensure mentors are matched with mentees with similar career goals. The objective is that both the mentor and mentee share, nurture, and develop skill sets and exit the program with fresh ideas and implementable goals.

Mentored students will receive various benefits, including:​

  • Gaining insights from an ACHS Alumni who is a professional in the field of holistic health
  • Business mentorship and guidance from mentors with real-world experience
  • Access to networking opportunities
  • Continued access to resources and support
If you are interested in being mentored, click to fill out the form below and we will be in touch with next steps.

Want to make a difference? Apply to become a mentor!

If you are interested in being a mentor, we encourage you to apply! Mentorship is a rewarding role that helps an ACHS student or graduate build valuable skills and career insights. As a mentor, you will provide guidance and support to a mentee who has a professional goal in the field of holistic health.

Benefits of being a mentor include:

  • Built-in networking opportunities
  • Verified badge to promote mentorship experience
  • Letter of Recommendation from ACHS tailored for personal career advancement or employment purposes
  • Additional experience for your resume
  • Promotion of your business
  • Opportunities to be featured in ACHS blogs and webinars
  • Free and discounted access to micro-credentials for professional development
  • Satisfaction of helping and inspiring a budding holistic health professional


If you are interested in being an ACHS Mentor, please click to complete the application below and our team will follow up with you to conduct a brief phone interview.


For any questions about the Mentorship Program, please email us by clicking the button below.