Professional Exams and Registration

Prior to enrollment with ACHS, students are solely responsible for confirming that the certificate, diploma or degree program in which they enroll will meet their personal and career objectives in the state they reside in. If you are interested in pursuing a career in the health and wellness industry, you should consult with the appropriate state board in your state to assure that your credentials will allow you to achieve your professional goals.

If you intend to move states upon graduation, check each state you plan to reside in. The health and wellness services allowed or prohibited in your state must be determined by careful review of the language of your state’s law, and we recommend seeking legal guidance from a law professional in your state. Also check if you reside in a Health Freedom state.

Information about professional opportunities for ACHS graduates in the holistic health and wellness industry is listed below. Registration and licensing requirements vary by state. ACHS certificates, diplomas, and degrees are not a license to practice medicine and do not entitle graduates to licensure. Graduates must not represent themselves as licensed medical practitioners nor claim to treat, diagnose, cure, or prescribe unless otherwise so licensed and must comply with all state regulations that may apply to their practice, including any required state registration.

PLEASE NOTE: This information is provided for reference only. Although every reasonable effort is made to present current and accurate information, ACHS makes no guarantees of any kind and cannot be held liable for any outdated or incorrect information. Please contact the professional organizations directly for the latest information.

Professional Pathways

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