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Herbal Medicine

An herbal studies/herbal medicine certificate, diploma or degree provides graduates with useful skills that may enhance a current career path or offer opportunities to work in the holistic health community, however, graduation from an herbalism program does not convey any sort of license to practice.

Currently, there are no licensing requirements for herbalists in the United States.

There are membership and registration options in the industry including:


Note: Herbalists may not claim to treat, diagnose, or cure any illness, because doing so may be considered practicing medicine without a license and a violation of State Medical Practice Acts. Prior to enrollment, students are solely responsible for confirming that the certificate, diploma or degree program in which they enroll will meet their personal and career objectives.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in the health and wellness industry, you should consult with the appropriate state board to assure that your credentials will allow you to achieve your professional goals.

ACHS offers programs perfect for anyone at any step of their education and career journey. 

Want to learn more about professional pathways? Contact the ACHS Director of Alumni and Career Services Felicia Royce or email us at admissions@achs.edu.

American Herbalists Guild

Graduates of qualifying ACHS programs are eligible to apply for professional membership and to become a Registered Herbalist (RH, AHG) once they have met the AHG clinical hours requirement, available through the AHG mentorship program.

ACHS qualifying programs as of January 2023 include:

  • Diploma in Herbal Studies Master Herbalist
  • Diploma in Holistic Health Practice with Herbal Medicine electives
  • Associate of Applied Science in Integrative Health Sciences (formerly Complementary Alternative Medicine) with Herbal Medicine Specialization
  • Master of Science in Integrative Health Sciences (formerly Complementary Alternative Medicine) with Herbal Medicine electives
  • Master of Science in Herbal Medicine

Information about applying to become a Registered Herbalist is available online at https://www.americanherbalistsguild.com/becoming-ahg-professional-member including information about AHG’s expedited and standard application processes.

ACHS can provide a letter of recommendation for graduates in good standing to support your application. This can be ordered online at https://contact.achs.edu/request-a-letter-of-recommendation

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