Nasser Al-Fureih, AAS in CAM with Herbal Specialization Graduate

Nasser Al-Fureih, AAS in CAM with Herbal Specialization Graduate, ACHS Ambassador

Phone: 00965 66540605

Email: [email protected]

I studied at the ACHS and conferred my Associate of Applied Science in Complementary Alternative Medicine, Majoring in Herbology.

I took a little over three years to complete it and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It was a very educational yet enjoyable experience, combining learning and sharing on an academic level as well as learning and sharing on a peer level by sharing assignments, comments, pair and croup work/ assignments, etc.

Furthermore, the resources were very professionally done and presented, with the necessary learning aids, charts, tools and all extras. Excellent prices on the items from the apothecary supplies.

It is an experience that I truly enjoyed on all levels.

I’m currently doing counseling and have a plan in mind which I hope to implement within two years maximum of opening a holistic healing center, which will integrate Herbology, alternative medicine, iridology, yoga, meditation, reiki etc., as well as counseling and psychotherapy.

I already have my own counseling and therapy business and will add options to it within the next two years.

Definitely join the ACHS because:

  • It’s very cost effective for quality provided
  • Constant support and backup
  • Flexible on time and payment