ACHS Launches Innovative Wellness Business Operations Specialist Micro-Credential

Wellness Business Operations SpecialistPortland, Oregon, April 8, 2024 – The American College of Healthcare Sciences (ACHS) is proud to introduce the Wellness Business Operations Specialist (WBOS)™ micro-credential, designed specifically to provide an essential foundation for launching, managing, and growing a business in the wellness field. This program is designed for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to launch their own wellness ventures. It is also tailored for small business owners aiming to enhance their managerial or financial skills and increase their customer base.

Many healthcare and wellness professionals have a gap in their skills as it relates to running a business or practice. They are subject matter experts in integrative health and wellness but may not have as much experience with the business aspects of working with clients and customers. Whether a practitioner plans to hire someone to manage their business affairs, it’s important have a foundation in wellness business operations. ACHS has developed this micro-credential to provide these essentials, for the ACHS community and all holistic health practitioners. In addition to training for practitioners, this micro-credential is also designed for operations professionals interested in working in the health and wellness sector.

In the ACHS Wellness Business Operations Specialist™ program, participants will become equipped with essential skills for success in the dynamic wellness industry. This self-paced micro-credential program consists of six courses, with a new course released each month starting in April 2024.

Key learning areas include defining your purpose, understanding small business operations, fundamentals of financial management and human resources, and effective marketing. Participants will also gain insights into good manufacturing practices (GMP) and production considerations for natural products.

“From defining your business’s purpose to mastering marketing strategies and understanding production considerations, this micro-credential empowers you to confidently plan the launch or expansion of your wellness business,” shares ACHS Dean of General Education Dr. Lori Holdren

Learning Outcomes of the Micro-Credential

After completing the six courses in the Wellness Business Operations Specialist (WBOS)™ micro-credential, participants will be able to:

  • Implement foundational principles for setting up and managing a wellness business.
  • Utilize financial planning and management strategies for effective business operations.
  • Determine effective human resource practices relevant to your small business.
  • Apply fundamental marketing principles to develop effective strategies for promoting wellness businesses, considering target audience, market positioning, and promotional tactics.
  • Identify good manufacturing practices (GMP) and production considerations to ensure quality and compliance in creating natural wellness products.

Upon completion of each course, learners will receive a verified digital badge to recognize the skills they’re developing throughout this micro-credential, culminating in the Wellness Business Operations Specialist™ micro-credential badge upon completion of the program. ACHS digital badges can be used to promote your skills and distinguish you from other professionals via LinkedIn, on your resume, and in your emails. ACHS badges are verified competencies and allow your colleagues, clients, and employers to validate your skills in Canvas Credentials’ database of credentials. Learn more in our latest blog, Launching the Wellness Business Operations Specialist Certification: Elevate Your Career.

For more information and to enroll in the Wellness Business Operations Specialist micro-credential, visit the ACHS website at or click the button below.


Wellness Business Operations Specialist Micro-Credential

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